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This has been my experience as well. Urinating is typically something only slightly less private than taking a dump. I once had the experience where someone came up behind me, reached around and held my penis, and held it while I stood to pee. It was very erotic.

But isn’t that what intimacy is all about. Not sharing a pee. Intimacy is about trust, trusting another person to share our deepest and most private thoughts, without fear of judgment or rejection.

As I wrote previously, Fetishes are a preferential sexual interest because they are used to enhance a sexual experience rather than being necessary to engage in sexual activity.

Kinks are a disorder only when they cause distress.

Rules and levels of consent are essential in fetishistic sexual play.

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Gay father; Psychiatrist; Award-winning author FINALLY OUT. Chapter excerpt here: Top writer on Medium. Not medical advice.

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