It saddens me to think men's sexual functioning--or DYSfunctioing--is embarrassing. Having a good understanding of how men function and how it changes as we age can help alleviate many of the problems we have.

Problems with erections can be either physiological or psychological or both.

It is a fact that as we age, it is harder to become erect and easier to lose an erection during love-making. When we worry if we can get it up, we will almost certainly have difficulty.

As we age, we need more stimulation, both in terms of sexual thoughts and direct stimulation. But if a partner is too demanding, putting additional pressure on us to perform, it can be self-defeating.

One of the biggest problems we men have is a lack of understanding about the natural progression of sexual functioning.

We need to talk about this a lot more, and we should not be embarrassed about it.

We aren't embarrassed that our hair turns grey; it's a normal change over time. Why should we be embarrassed to speak of other things which are normal parts of aging?

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