I'm content to look my age. What's so wrong about looking 77 years and 9 months? Like a child, I even tell people "I'm 77 going on 78."

I'm content. As we age we give up the tyranny of ambition. I'm not going to climb any further up the ladder of success (at least measured in the traditional ways.)

I'm no longer driven by out-of-control surges of testosterone.

When people say, "You look good for 77," it's as if they are saying, "You don't sweat much... for a fat person." Are they surprised to see I'm still alive?

Age is more than the number. We have a physical age, a psychological age, and a sexual age. It varies from person to person and even within each individual.

I also had difficulty turning sixty. Sometimes it seemed as if it was the beginning of the long decline. But what I discovered it is really the beginning of a new phase of my life.

Now, I have the opportunity to spend time on the things and with the people I really care about. I have no one I need to impress.

I'm 77 and this is the best time in my life.

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