I am Iowan and a physician. I have been disgusted with our governor for her lack of decisive action. I have been working in Black Hawk County where the number of cases now leads the state and is increasing at a rate that is one of the highest in the country.

These packing house workers are often immigrants, living in close quarters, car pooling to work, and working elbow to elbow without protection. Now they are considered “essential” so must report to work, but apparently they are not essential enough to want to offer them protective equipment. Social distancing and quarantining are not even a possibility.

Although the governor has issued an order that allows religious institutions to begin gather, the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa announced that leaders from ten denominations wisely have signed a statement urging religious institutions to refrain from in-person worshiping.

When I went, masked and gloved, to the grocery store this evening, this glaring lack of leadership was apparent in the confusing array of responses by the customers (not the essential employees).

In the next election, the voters in Iowa need to give a stay-at-home order to Governor Reynolds.

Written by

Gay father; Psychiatrist; Award-winning author FINALLY OUT. Chapter excerpt here: http://bit.ly/2EyhXTY Top writer on Medium. Not medical advice.

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