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Death by 1000 cuts but 750 remain


Got them. Wearing them. $4500. No insurance.

Do I really need them? that much?

Thirty-day trial to hear:

trousers rustling as I walk

footsteps crunching snow


Over my ear:

Hearing aids


COVID mask

“Careful removing your mask.”

Hearing aids sail to snow


Do I want to hear

what I’ve missed?

people I don’t know saying stupid shit

Beethoven now

I hear what he couldn’t

Death by a thousand cuts

New C-Pap

dents face

Cataracts gone

colors brighter

New right knee

How long will it last?

New left knee pain

tentative titanium?

knee-queue calls

Cortisone to lumbar back


how long?

Don’t forget

little orange bottles

with white labels

cholesterol pills

gout pills


especially testosterone

Report pacemaker

Death by a thousand cuts

How many cuts remain?

Life expectancy at birth: 63 years

Life expectancy at 77: 12 more

I have lived

more than I expected

I have life

more than I expected

Life by 250 cuts

Written by

Gay father; Psychiatrist; Award-winning author FINALLY OUT. Chapter excerpt here: Top writer on Medium. Not medical advice.

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