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  • Marcus duncan

    Marcus duncan

  • Skippy von Alte Welt

    Skippy von Alte Welt

    Writer, poet, soldier, philosopher, dad, retiree. Lover of humor, imagination, creativity, freedom, intelligence, and satire. Mysterious comic, not sex symbol.

  • Bob Merckel

    Bob Merckel

    Reader, writer, not so much arithmeticker. English teacher/language consultant in Barcelona via London, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and Cincinnati.

  • Rich Bitterman

    Rich Bitterman

    Family Pastor, B.A.B.S., Masters Theological Studies, Former small business owner, Youtube creator -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgb9mO6ajjZ7FGf6eKXnrbw

  • Holly X

    Holly X

  • Becky Yim

    Becky Yim

  • Ilana Quinn

    Ilana Quinn

    I am a history/English lit nerd, Irish-Canadian, Gen Z university student, amateur novelist & a Christian. https://linktr.ee/ilanaquinn

  • Rimsha Maalik

    Rimsha Maalik

    Dentist. Mom. Writer.

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