I just came from my doctor who said, "At 77, you still have a lot of tread on your tires."

He's the same doctor who once told me, "Loren, You're healthy for a fat man." He denies that he said that now, saying he thinks he would have been more tactful than that.

But that's the way I remember it, and I'm okay with that. I know I'm a big guy, some will say "fat," but I also know I ride my bike about 100 miles a week and during the winter I go to the gym three times a week.

What he told me is that he's more concerned about functionality than weight. "Just keep moving like you are." That's what I focus on.

My husband is about 100 lbs lighter than I am, never concerns himself about what he eats, doesn't exercise much, and I'm sure that I am healthier than he is even though he's fifteen years younger.

I know that from the perspective of gay sexual attraction, I'm not everybody's ideal. BUT I don't have to be. As long as I feel good about myself and can be attractive to a few others, what more could I wish for?

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