31 Claps.

When I turned sixty, I came up with just three rules:

  1. I will never wear a necktie again. (Young guys learned this long before I did.)
  2. I will never sit through a boring lecture. (I told my pastor this applied to him, too.)
  3. I will never go to a cocktail party to “network” if I know that I’m not going to like most of the people there. (Includes most cocktail parties.)

Things in your list become easier as we get older. Time is urgent and diminishing and we don't have time to finish a bad book. We have fewer but deeper personal relationships.

We make our list of “things to do before I die” much shorter, and we feel real pleasure in checking some things off the list before doing them.

At 77-years-old, three rules are enough for me. (I checked some off the list before doing them.) If I were your age, I would have bookmarked your list and started working on all of them.

Great job.

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